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The Atwood DITFT: Generation 1, Chapter 1
Nick Atwood
Author's Note: Hey guys... So, I'm really nervous about this, but... I have decided to try my hand at drama writing! xD So, this might be hilariously awful (and please do tell me if you think I can improve, I have never done this before obviously :P), but I wanted to try it anyway. Hopefully a few of you actually want to read this... But yeah, here it is! *runs away in embarrassment*

*runs back* By the way, if you are unaware of the rules of a DITFT, click here. :)

*runs away again*

The Atwood DITFT: Generation 1, Chapter 1



Nick breathed in the fresh scent of pine and pollen mingling with the cool breeze that skimmed the pond, and felt peace, or something like it. This is it, he thought. My new home. My new life… I hope.


He glanced around at his new land. Fifty beautiful acres—a huge plot, much larger than the tiny family farm his parents had run.


His parents. Phil and Marsha Atwood, a pair of people so opposite it was amazing they had anything in common. She a quiet, timid woman who preferred the company of animals or even plants over the company of people; he a loud and rambunctious man, a kid in an adult’s body, really, who loved and was loved by everyone. Full of ambition, charisma—life. Yet he too shared that passion for the land, the earth between his own fingertips. Bringing life into the world.



This would not do; not now. Nick had come to Appaloosa Plains to escape the past, not to drown in it.


He looked again at his new home. It was a fairly tiny cabin, just two rooms—all he could afford after purchasing the land, which in the long run was more important. For now it was a roof over his head, and that was what mattered.


The land was perfect. Such rich soil—perhaps even better suited to farming than Riverview.



His parents, kneeling in the soil of Riverview, the way he best remembered them. His mother’s hair tied back in a braid, a handkerchief over her head to keep off the sun. Denim overalls over a plaid shirt, which was yellow. His father wore a big cowboy hat, as a joke, saying to Marsha, “I can’t believe my mother bought this thing for me.”

“Oh, Phil, you know she just wants to support you.”


“I know, I know. It’s just amazing, how city folk imagine farmers to be. Hey, Nick! Want me to ask Grandma for a cowboy hat for you, too?” Phil said with a wink.


Nick, cuddling with his favorite cat, Phoenix, looked up and smiled. “I want to be just like you, Daddy!”


Phil smiled widely. “That’s my boy. You’ll make your old man proud. Here, why don’t you come have a look at these plants. I want to teach you the tricks of the trade!”


“Yay!” Nick jumped up and down. He’d been waiting practically forever for his dad to let him touch the precious plants. He really did want to be just like his dad when he got big.


And so he would be.


Nick reached into his pocket and felt the seeds. Dry, crackling, they were little pieces of life waiting to happen. He could bring life into the world. No matter how much of it he had also taken away.



No. That wouldn’t do.


Instead, Nick glanced down at his pets. Two of them; that was all that remained. Nick swallowed the lump in his throat, and along with it, the image of the others.









No use thinking about any of that, he told himself. I still have Katie and Phoenix. That’s going to have to be enough.


Katie looked up at him, her blue eyes piercing his. Blue, just like his mother’s eyes—just like his.




Katie was Marsha’s dog through and through. Phil had adopted her from a shelter as a tiny puppy, and had given her to Marsha as an anniversary gift one year.


“Come here, girl,” Nick sighed. “It’s just you, me, and Phoenix now.” He gave Katie a hug, letting her put her paws on his shoulders the way his father had taught her to do, then stood up. It was time to face his new life.


~ ~ ~

Well... what did you think? xD I know it was a lot of pictures and not a lot of writing, but it was supposed to be kind of like we were seeing into Nick's memories, and I thought pictures were better suited to that than words. Anyway, I'd love to hear what you thought... comments, criticisms, anything is welcome :)

*is nervous*

I have no clue what you were even worried about. This was wonderful and I genuinely look forward to more! :D Perhaps you're just discovering a talent you didn't know you had? :)

Aww Ray! That means a lot coming from you <3 Thank you! You're sweet :3 I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)

I liked it! I liked the pictures... no need for to much writing when the graphics are as pretty as they are! I never read a legacy likt this one, I've read over the rules, but never bothered trying it myself. I'm curious for more!

Thank you! :D Haha I can't get over my new graphics either xD I have read several really excellent DITFTs (the one I'd most recommend is StyxLady's "A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss" on WordPress, and I can't think too much about that one because nothing can live up to hers xD Haha) But I'm glad you're interested! Thanks for reading :)

Nothing to worry about! I like it!

Did his family burn in a fire? =(

Good luck Nick! =) (he's cute btw!)

Yay! Thank you so much :3

Yes :( And I had to kill them... lol.. it made me really sad :(

Thanks! And believe it or not, he's just the biological child of his parents - I didn't tweak him at all :3

This is amazing! No way is it awful, it's brilliant :D. Feel so sorry for Nick especially with all those reminders to his family, looks like he had a happy childhood too. Cannot wait to see what happens next to Nick with his pets Katie and Phoenix. They are even more adorable when together, if that's possible xD

Aw thank you so much! :D I was really sad when playing this, lol :( But yes! The pets... I can't get over their cuteness xD Thank you for reading and commenting :3

Wow this is intresting and great :D, I realy can't wait for the next chapter.

Aw thank you! :D I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :3

nawww :D So much animal loving:3

But poor Nick :( Really feel for him...Great intro :)

Pets is possibly my favorite expansion ever... I had to share the love xD

I'm glad I could... make you sad? Lol, no... But I'm glad you could sympathize with Nick, haha. Thanks for reading! :D

(Deleted comment)
Yay thank you Korina! :D And yes.. I feel so bad for him too, especially because I'm responsible for his family's death :P It made me really sad when I had to kill them haha :(

But aw, thanks so much! It means a lot, coming from the girl who wrote a whole novel ;D Haha, I might have a slight crush on Nick myself xD And yay for adorable pets <3

Pets is by far the best expansion so far. I highly recommend it! ;D

Your angst was wasted on this, it's brilliant :)

It was really well written, you did the memories very well, I liked the "No. This would not do; not now. Nick had come to Appaloosa Plains to escape the past, not to drown in it" bit :)

And on a less helpful note YEY PETS ALREADY INVOLVED!

Aw, well thank you so much! :3 Seriously, I love comments like this xD

Haha and yes!! I feel like I will never ever play without pets again xD By far my favorite expansion! ^_^

This. is. BRILLIANT! :D Love, love, love!
I love the memories! But poor Nick! i feel so bad for him :(
Can't wait for more! :)

Aww, thank you!! :D I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I feel so bad for Nick too :'( Haha and I feel guilty for causing his problems xD Anyway, thank you so much for reading :D

(Deleted comment)
Thanks so much for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

I love it! I mean, I am more for the comedy, but I am glad you are doing a Drama themed DITFT. They are a lot of fun to do. I am in generation four of one of mine, and in my other save game, I am playing a randomacy. MEGA FUN. (:

Haha, yes I totally get what you mean! And I'm definitely better at comedy, but I thought drama just suited a DITFT better. Oh that's fun!! I'd definitely read both of those if you decided to post them, btw ;) What's a randomacy??

Anyway, thanks for reading :D

Wow that was so amazingly good. One of the best drama ones that I've read, and I've read a lot! Can't wait for more! <3

Aww, thank you so much!! I really appreciate it! <3 I'm glad you enjoyed :) Thanks for reading!

You shouldn't be worried at all :P

I can't write like that ! I am jealous !! You can write as a narrator ! I can only write through their point of view xD Narration is always a better writing style in my eyes :P

Ooh, I wanna know more about Nick's past ! I'm guessing it's sad ... but what's a drama without sadness ? :P

And I can't get over your fracking graphics !! Your sims be so pretty !! JEALOUS !! xD

I wanna

Aww thank you!

But shush! Your legacy is amazing! I don't know what you're talking about! :)

And honestly, I actually sometimes like first-person better or even 3rd-person limited better than what this is in, but it works better for later when I might switch points of view. But I'm glad you like it this way :D

Yes, it's definitely sad... haha xD You're right - I couldn't just start a drama legacy and be like "Nick had a happy childhood and a happy high school life and now he's happy still!" How boring xD Lol!

I can't get over them either!! Haha! I love them so much :D

Yay, I'm glad! Thanks for checking it out and giving it your approval :D

*steeples fingers evilly*

Yes, you have caught the bug. The /drama/ bug. My plan is working. >:D

No, no, I kid. XD

But in all honesty, I love seeing you exercise your creative talent! I like Nick already. Here's hoping that farming goes well for him! I think a DITFT legacies have wonderful potential for drama. (Which is why I may write one after the Inks. XD)

I look forward to where this is going~! Story lines and plot twists and cliffhangers, hooray! Here's my stamp of approval*.

P.S. Three legacies at once? You're crazy. In a good way, I promise. XD

*This approval probably doesn't mean much, ha ha!

Haha, so this is YOUR fault, hmm? xD

But yay! Thank you so much! <3 Yes, DITFTs are really fun-looking to me, and I think it will be easier to have a basic framework for each generation, so I'm never pulling something out of nowhere because then I'd get freaked out and give up. xD I'd love to see you write one - though it would make mine look kind of pitiful ;D And that would mean the end of the Inks, too :C Still, you should go for it ^_^

Shush you silly goose! Your stamp of approval means more than you know, missy! Seriously. Thank you so much :3 You're like, the drama-writing goddess xD I'm so glad you're even taking time to read it, let alone comment and approve of it, ha ha.

P.S. I KNOW. I'm realizing now that it's insane. xD Especially when one is a drama AND I'm a senior in high school and... yeah. Craziness. We'll see how long I last |D

Really though, thank you for reading :D

Don't be nervous girl, this was really good! I honestly can't wait to read more, you do well with drama :D

Nick's pretty cute too ;D

Aw, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

And yes, lol, I have to agree ;D

Thank you for reading! <3


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